Given the sociopolitical context that has prevailed for over a decade,
As the youth through education is lame at bay,
As the field of information technology and especially internet is booming in our country,
Given the determination of the State of Ivory Coast to raise the profile of the school Ivorian
Given the potential we have,
We gathered around young Ivorian society concept All-TECH CONCEPTION decide to make
Our expertise after "computerizing" Ivorian school


The idea of computerizing the school with an opening on the internet is really beneficial for the population.
This will enable our pupils and students to become familiar with computers and to highlight all the features it offers.

But how "computerizing" Ivorian effective school?

It's complex because it must satisfy all school stakeholders in the State, the student, the teacher and parents. We offer several aspects because it connects all the people mentioned above.

For our part, we believe that the installation of a cyber within each institution is expected to fully address this concern. To this end, we offer one of our services namely the "cyber-school." It is simply a matter of opening and managing a cyber cafe in the school. Students as teachers will have free access to the Internet for work or research they will be engaged. We only need a room to install the machines. The rest is made of our:

Il est simplement question de l’ouverture puis de la gestion d’un cyber café au sein de l’école. Les élèves tout comme les enseignants auront accès gratuitement à l’internet pour les travaux ou recherche qu’ils auront à effectuer. Nous avons seulement besoin d’une salle pour installer les machines. Le reste est de notre fait :

  • Supply and installation of computers depend on .
  • The number of computers will size of each institution.
  • Provision of internet access and unlimited broadband: ADSL and WIFI 1Méga.
  • Provided computer maintenance
  • This pack also includes the extension of WIFI internet throughout the administration and in the staff so that executives can also browse for free and better monitor student research.
  • It should be noted that the provisions will be taken to filter out banned sites. In fact we will block sites with immoral character in each "cyber-school."
    Our offer is a formal and precise answer to your concern. Indeed it is possible to create a framework for the exchange of knowledge via the Internet, inter-school. It is also possiblefor a parent to monitor their children at every opportunity, in one click on the school indicated.

That is to say by simple words how do we propose is practical, realistic and achievable.