Application Development

Application development is the process for the production of applications for a particular purpose.
This realization takes into account the integration of new applications into existing applications and migrating data to new applications.

  • Web site development project
  • Website development takes into account the design, development and interaction at the client accessible from a server in the network (Internet or intranet) manipulated through a browser.
  • e-Commerce development project
  • The Internet now allows your company to acquire a broader, better shopping experience to be present everywhere and at all times, ready to learn a prospect, customer, employee, or to provide services.
  • Helps connect businesses with a comprehensive system of service tools and technologies
  • Application Integration
  • The implementation of a framework consisting of technology and services for insertion into an existing application
  • Migration data
  • The development of a new application, create a new database or changing the system does not involve the loss of data.
    It should be stored, processed in a format consistent with the new system.


  • Networks and Telecommunications
  • •Network Security
  • •Intelligent wiring (computer, telephone and electric)
  • • Wiring with laying of cable broadband combined with high quality connectors
  • • Use of high-end backbone (catalyst 500), switch to Level 3, swich manageable
  • •Development of hybrid network
  • Setup and configuration of network equipment
  • •Routers, manageable switch, backbone type CISCO
  • • Configuration of access points (optional)
  • • Configuring network workstation to access the Internet and file sharing IT resources
  • • Interconnection (fiber optic, wireless local loop
  • • Maintenance networks
  • Network infrastructure design choice architecture and network equipment
  • depending on customer needs, development of appropriate wiring diagram in terms of network expansion and physical or logical being introduced in the wired network (UTP, FTP, optical fiber) and beam for LAN, WAN, MAN .
  • Administration application server and database
  • • Installation and configuration of application servers
  • • Administration Application Server
  • • Security of application servers
  • •Installation of software
  • •Creation of database
  • • Optimization of database
  • • Security Database
  • Network audit
  • •Control of network equipment (routers, switches, backbone, radio, access point antenna, converter and others, in accordance with the need expressed by the client..
  • • Checking the stability of the ripple current and earth data; determine the quality of the connection (BP, number of post) proposed solutions to address shortcomings and to make recommendations in the choice of equipment.
  • •Interconnection (fiber optic, wireless local loop)
  • •Maintenance networks
  • Accommodation
  • Open his business to the outside, its promotion and visibility, offer its clients and prospects and clear information is updated frequently on the publication of information. This publication is intended for the greatest number (windows sites, institutional, commercial), or to a limited audience and targeted (customers, employees, ...).
  • The quality of accommodation is so important. Your information must be permanently online, free of technical failure, or an outside attack
  • To guarantee this, All-TECH CONCEPTION has chosen to offer the exceptional technical quality of accommodation facilities by involving a full range of services:
  • • Website Hosting
  • •Allocation of disk space for the purpose of sharing (Docuthèque, areas of FTP transfers)
  • • Mailboxes secure, high-capacity, combined with a powerful webmail system, and optionally an anti-virus and anti-spam


Computer graphics is all that concerns the creation and manipulation of digital images in the field of IT. The graphic includes much knowledge, including the representation of graphic elements (text, image or video) and their transformations (rotation, translation, zoom ...) via algorithms.
Based on an offer original graphic and powerful, the achievements of All-TECH CONCEPTION are always real tools of communication and marketing
So for you to have a better reputation All-TECH CONCEPTION has experience in working with large accounts, the production and dissemination of tools for sale (sales plans, catalogs, technical documentations ...)
All-TECH CONCEPTION specializes in the creation of the media companies and professionals.

  • Graphic Design
  • Creating a visual identity is essential to define and establish the personality of a company and allow it to stand out. In short, this is to associate a name with a philosophy, products and services through a public image (logos, corporate identities, web design, business cards, brochures, websites, posters). Let us not forget that a good visual communication depends on good graphic design.
    We create visual identities
  • • Logotypes
  • •Corporate Identities
  • •Business Cards
  • •Stationery
  • •Brochures
  • •Posters
  • •Photo Editor
  • •Web Design
  • •Illustrations
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